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I’m still coming down from my protest high and really thinking about how crazy it is that these winds...they are a changin’! Here in Texas, the winds are almost 50mph today. Speaking of windy… I met Wendy Davis yesterday! #brag #butsrsly I’ve been talking about right-place-right-time kinda stuff, and here I was meeting her in Texas when I was supposed be in DC. I had a place to stay in DC and all the things lined up to make the trip and then I wound up in the Emergency Room with a potential uterine infection two days before I was supposed to go. RIGHT?!!! Why in the hell would my body do that to me?! And on the first day of the semester?! Welp, turns out, no uterine or blood infection. Whew! But I DO have several hemorrhagic cysts on my ovaries. Yeah, my exact thoughts too: MY LADY PARTS ARE ALLERGIC TO THIS BULLSHIT! Alternative facts, my ass. So, yesterday, as a part of my mental preparation for attending the Women’s March in Austin, I decided to jot out my list of reasons for #WhyIMarch as I sat in a breakfast cafe and counted the number of old white men that filled it. (There were 19 patrons in the entire cafe, including myself. Eighteen of them were old white men with some form of grey, white, or balding head and a variety of facial hair representations.) I sat alone at my table in Trump's America still feeling terrified and shaken from the jolting message, written by Steve Bannon, that I'd witnessed at inauguration the day before. I wrote them in no particular order. I want to thank everyone everywhere in all of the world that marched on behalf of me and my children and my neighbors and my neighbors’ children yesterday. I cried a lot. I cried all over Wendy Davis. #brag I now have hope where I was beginning to feel none. Okay, without further ado: #WhyIMarch Because I am a survivor of child abuse Because I am a first generation college student Because I have benefited from Planned Parenthood’s services Because I spend more than 30% of my income on housing Because I have been denied healthcare Because I am a single mom Because I am a teacher Because the time is now to do what’s right Because I am a survivor of domestic violence Because I have had a miscarriage followed by an abortion procedure Because I know my rights Because I know my privileges Because I know his privileges Because I am a survivor of sexual assault Because I was born to a teenager Because I can Because I did not have childcare assistance Because of foreign interference Because I said NO Because voting is a right and not a privilege Because of food insecurity Because I am bisexual Because I have been denied employment Because I have been denied access Because ketchup is considered a vegetable in schools Because I did not have paid maternity leave Because of bathrooms Because others cannot Because I have been sexually harassed Because there was not free pre-K for my children Because there is a product that exists called “sexy revolutionary war costume” Because I was born into poverty Because this is my body Because climate change is real Because it’s being taken away Because of our morbidity and mortality rates Because of human rights Because of inequality Because of the river Because of justice Because of democracy Because of clean drinking water Because of the school to prison pipeline Because he has grabbed pussy

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